Welcome to Inspy

«The more we transfer everything onto the web, onto the cloud, the less we're going to have control over it.» — Steve Wozniak, 2012

Inspy is the one'n'only Instagram viewer that allows you to view private Instagram profiles.

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12.03.2016, update:
  • Implemented HTTPS.

  • Inspy is back after more than 4 months of downtime! Some things still need to be fixed and the code needs to be cleaned up, but... it's working!

  • Today Inspy has turned 6 months old!
    I have also uploaded a video to show Inspy's everyday load. Some kind of a look from inside. You can find more info in the description. Enjoy:

01.10.2014, update:
  • Implemented a new menu. Now Inspy looks even better on mobile devices.

25.08.2014, update:
  • Now you can see where a photo was taken if there is geolocation info provided.

11.07.2014, update:
  • Over 500 users in database already.
  • Google has approved my AdSense account. Now ads will be even more interesting and beautiful.